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5-String Electric Violinist

A thriving strings performer, LaRon has been on a variety of stages playing alongside artists in genres ranging from classical to gospel/inspirational.  Classically trained, LaRon began playing at the age of 10.  

During his high school career he began to create his own unique style and sound through improvisation. 20 years later, as a professional performer, LaRon specializes in covers, originals, & improvisation playing a fusion of pop, classical, r&b/soul, gospel, and inspirational.
5-String Electric Violinist


LaRon and Angel are a husband and wife music duo of 10 years that provides entertainment crossing genre styles of pop, r&b, soul, gospel/inspirational, and country music. LaRon, a 5-string violinist & vocalist accompanied by Angel, a seasoned alto vocalist bring a unique and unforgettable experience to events, weddings, festivals, businesses, and restaurants spreading love and joy one song at a time.

They are also members of Force of Life’s Creative Arts Team and Heanonmusic, a collective of artists, worship leaders, and musicians. They have performed across the country for audiences of thousands to intimate private event settings. Recently featured in news outlets such as ABC Action News and CTN’s BayFocus, for their neighborhood social distance concerts, LaRon and Angel continue to offer innovative ways to provide their services.   

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Hanging with the Hearsts


Raising the standard - Raising the expectation 
Raising the awareness - Raising the generation

The YouthUp movement, created by LaRon & Angel is an entity connected to Force of Life International that is hitting the ground running, as youth and youth workers are jumping in to be a part of this revolution.

Taking the time out to mentor not only youth but those who work with youth and children has allowed this youth ministry to see youth no longer accepting the titles of irresponsible, lazy, or entitled but upholding a standard and stepping up to lead.

YouthUP helps youth possess day to day life & leadership skills and utilize their gifts and talents to their maximum potential. They host a weekly remote youth group for young adults/college-aged with youth from all across the nation.