The Violist

A thriving strings performer, LaRon has been on a variety of stages playing alongside artists in genres ranging from classical to gospel/inspirational.  Classically trained, LaRon began playing at the age of 10.  

During his high school career he began to create his own unique style and sound through improvisation. 19 years later, as a professional performer, LaRon specializes in covers, originals, & improvisation playing a fusion of pop, classical, soul, r&b, and inspirational music.
The Violist

The Vocalist

Performing together since 2005, LaRon & Angel have formed an unbreakable union that is noticeable through every song they sing.  Unbeknownst to them at the start of their musical journey, they would eventually marry in 2010.

Eight years later, they are a sought after husband/wife duo that performs for various events, weddings, and concerts.  They are also two of the lead singers in Heanonmusic Productions, and have appeared on various television media outlets.

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The Vocalist

The Mentor

Raising the standard - Raising the expectation 
Raising the awareness - Raising the generation

The YouthUp movement, created by LaRon & Angel is an entity connected to Force of Life International that is hitting the ground running, as youth and youth workers are jumping in to be a part of this revolution.  

Taking the time out to mentor not only youth but those who work with youth and children has allowed this youth ministry to see youth no longer accepting the titles of irresponsible, lazy, or entitled but upholding a standard and stepping up to lead.  

YouthUP helps youth possess day to day life & leadership skills and utilize their gifts and talents to their maximum potential. Programs include: Youth Nights for Teens, Male Mentoring Program for High School Males, LifeLine for College & Young Adults

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Hanging with the Hearsts

The Speaker

LaRon Hearst provides workshops, keynotes, and training to professionals and students helping them develop productive, healthy relationships and environments.  He has over 10 years of experience in education, leadership, non profit & for profit organizations.

There are three elements each participant will leave with after every keynote, workshop, or training that LaRon provides.

Entertainment - As a former audience member for guest speakers and workshops, LaRon remembers what it was like to sit in an audience and be bored listening to the monotone guest speaker.  He has always made a vow as a speaker to utilize his theater/tv/film background to keep audiences thoroughly entertained.

Engagement - Some of the best learning is done through engagement and LaRon keeps his audiences engaged through demonstrations, activities, open forums, and more!

Empowerment - One thing all audiences will leave with is not just an entertaining and engaging session, but they will leave with practical, applicable steps that can be utilized beyond the stage.  They will leave feeling empowered to take what they've learned and maximize it to the highest level.

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The Speaker