19 Jan

It's 3 minutes before I hit the stage. I'm in the back sitting beside the sound booth.  I get my cue, so I walk through the tables and grab my violin off of my stand near the stage. I walk up the steps where my ipad has been pre-set.  I take a glance out at the guests, over 700 people seated at their tables eating dinner. The decor of the room is second to none and the lighting gives the room a beautiful ambience.  I opened up with the first number on the stage.  After about the third song, I step out onto the dance floor and make my way to the tables floating around playing and engaging with the guests.  As I make my way back to the dance floor I notice some couples have already beat me there and are dancing to the music. 

And as the songs keep rolling, more and more people come out to the floor. By the time I get to "Can't Help Falling in Love with You", the dance floor is completely filled with couples dancing, enjoying the night and each other. 

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