29 Oct

This event was a pretty special event for me. There was an event planning & design team I had been wanting to work with for some time.  One of the planners was actually getting married and thought I would be a great fit for the last part of her reception.  

They wanted a Vegas styled EDM/Dance party feel and that's what they got. The DJ played some great songs and the guests were all on the dance floor with their LED lights dancing the night away. And guess who's electric violin is LED? Mine! No one will know how excited I get about small details like that when it comes to a production. 

Video courtesy of Curtis Kennedy Film

When everything flows together smoothly and there are small details that complement other aspects of an event, it just does something for me.  It's one of the reasons I believe I became a stand up comedy fan. A joke from the beginning ends up being a part of a joke at the end and everything is brought full circle. Some comedians are excellent at doing this.

 It's the same with movies - there are pieces to the puzzle that you notice but don't really understand until the end when all the pieces come together (to name a few: Inception, The Matrix, Crash, Insidious, Needle in a Timestack). 

I think about this with the Bible as well where everything is related to everything and leads to one central theme: Christ. The Old Testament is filled with types and shadows that paint a picture for us and The New Testament gives that picture movement and life. It's all connected!

So this performance like many others for me was a production. The colors, the lights, the music, the energy, the design was all connected. 

Picture of guests dancing at the reception

The energy and excitement of the night was contagious. For this performance, the DJ and I bounced off of each other.  He played a song and I would fall right in and fill it in. My favorite part of the night was definitely engaging the guests on the dance floor. I was so glad to be able to be one of the puzzle pieces that was connected and help make this masterpiece of a night! 

Wedding Reception Performance

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