The Speaker

LaRon Hearst provides workshops, keynotes, and training to professionals and students helping them develop productive, healthy relationships and environments.  He has over 10 years of experience in education, leadership, non profit & for profit organizations.

There are three elements each participant will leave with after every keynote, workshop, or training that LaRon provides.

Entertainment - As a former audience member for guest speakers and workshops, LaRon remembers what it was like to sit in an audience and be bored listening to the monotone guest speaker.  He has always made a vow as a speaker to utilize his theater/tv/film background to keep audiences thoroughly entertained.

Engagement - Some of the best learning is done through engagement and LaRon keeps his audiences engaged through demonstrations, activities, open forums, and more!

Empowerment - One thing all audiences will leave with is not just an entertaining and engaging session, but they will leave with practical, applicable steps that can be utilized beyond the stage.  They will leave feeling empowered to take what they've learned and maximize it to the highest level.

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The Speaker